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chill morning - Milk & Coffee

Coffee and good music on a chill Sunday morning can be everything to starting the week off right. Learn about how Kara spends her Sunday mornings, and check out her favorite chill morning playlist now.

by KARA ford

playlist | May 15, 2021

Here it is! I’m so happy to share my newest playlist with you. I called this one, ‘Coffee, Milk & Honey’ because it’s the perfect soundtrack for chill mornings, and getting you into the right mindset for the day.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of a morning routine. Being a DJ means that my schedule hasn’t always exactly resembled a traditional 9-5, and on top of that, there are obviously plenty of late nights (or early mornings, rather) that go along with the job.

Because my sleep and work pattern is always subject to change, I’ve found my own little rituals that help keep me grounded and focused, however crazy my body clock might be. One of the habits I’ve become very much committed to, is starting my day with a dedicated morning playlist, no matter what time I wake up after DJ booking. Having a positive yet mellow soundtrack as a backdrop for those first activities of the morning, be it a gentle stroll around the neighbourhood, making a fresh cup of coffee, or just relaxing on my balcony, can make such a transformative impact on my mood and productivity for the rest of the day.

I’ve spent almost a year curating what I believe to be a near flawless collection of songs that are just right for the AM, so you too can see how this simple habit could make a real difference to your frame of mind. This particular selection of tunes was handpicked for the times where I’m feeling a little more introverted and introspective after a busy week or a hectic show.

The playlist as a whole was originally inspired by one single track - ‘Coffee’ by Tori Kelly, from her 2019 album, Inspired By True Events. Tori has been one of my favorite artists for a while now, and I truly believe that she has one of the most incredible voices I’ve ever heard. I’m consistently impressed by her vocal range and control. This girl never misses a note; her live performances honestly sometimes sound better than the recordings. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below.

I love how simple and slow this song is, and how mellow and moody the guitar chords are. The drums come in at just the right time, and the vocals are mesmerizing, as always. It’s the kind of track that brings emotion, but the calm, reflective variety.

I decided to make a playlist that continued this feeling and vibe, that could become my go-to for lazy mornings in the future. I thought to myself, ‘How many more insanely dope tracks can I find, from varying artists, in varying genres?’

I knew this wouldn’t be an easy challenge, especially as slower/down-tempo music like Tori’s isn’t my usual pick when it comes to music I’m listening to alone.

I typically stick to House and alt/throwback R’n’B tunes, so it was fun to go a little deeper and hold the patience required to appreciate some of the slower tracks I chose to feature. They might not be in your face, but these are the kinds of songs that you take the time to ruminate on, and really get to know all the intricate details that you may not notice on first listen.

First came Coffee, and then came, well… more coffee. No, really. The next song I decided I wanted to add was a track also called, ‘Coffee’, but this time by an artist named Syvlan Esso. This used to be one of my staple wedding playlist songs, and a very highly requested number during many a cocktail hour playlist.

Wow, I just love the way this tune starts with such an odd, altered synth sound, before the beat and vocals build up around it. Interesting instrumentation, combined with simplistic vocals and melody - I’m in! Take a listen below:

No, there isn’t a third track named, ‘Coffee’ on the playlist (although wouldn’t it be funny if that was a continuous theme?), but I do want to share one final standout tune from the whole selection with you - ‘Desoleil’ (Brilliant Corners)’ by Loyle Carner ft. Sampha.

I came by this song while doing a bit of a deep dive into the work of Sampha. I’ve been a fan ever since hearing his track, ‘Too Much’ sampled on Drake’s record, ‘Nothing Was The Same’. As I was digging through his back catalogue, I came by the Loyle Carner track and immediately fell in love with it. The seamless weaving of Loyle Carner’s rapped verses with Sampha’s smooth vocals is just perfect. Listen for yourself below:

There are so many other amazing songs within this playlist that I can’t wait for you to hear. I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I had putting it all together.

To me, this is the ideal way to kick back and unwind on an easy Sunday morning after I’ve poured myself a cup of hot coffee with a little milk, and of course, a little honey.

With love, Kara x