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Finally Able to Party?

Tips for a Post-COVID Corporate Event in 2022.

by anna blecker

editorial | February 15, 2022

COVID appears to be winding down. So, let’s party! Honey is your source for corporate DJ services in LA and the surrounding area.

A corporate event is a perfect way to boost the morale of your staff. After spending a year dealing with COVID precautions, they could use a way to unwind and rejoice before heading back to the office full time.

From choosing the right venue to hiring a female DJ in LA, here are a few tips for a successful post-COVID corporate event in 2022.

Choose a Cool Venue for Your Corporate Event

Selecting the right spot for a corporate event is half the challenge. Your employees do not want to party at the office. Luckily, the LA area is home to a wide range of venues willing to host your event.

From conference centers and hotels to hip local restaurants and bars, LA is overflowing with places to hold a corporate party, business meeting, or convention.

Looking for something less traditional? Consider holding your corporate event at an art gallery, arena, or distillery. You can choose from a diverse selection of formal and informal spots.

Determine the Number of Attendees for Your Event

The size of your event is an important consideration. It helps you pick the right venue and plan the logistics of the event.

If you plan on holding an event for hundreds of people, a small restaurant or bar is unlikely to offer enough space. Yet, if your event is for just a few dozen people, renting out a convention center would not make much sense.

You also need to consider who’s invited. Can your employees bring a plus one or is the event strictly for staff? The answer can help shape the theme and format of the event.

We are entering a post-COVID world, but we still need to deal with certain restrictions. If you plan on inviting more than 500 guests, you may need to take specific precautions, which leads to the next tip.

Review the COVID Safety Requirements for Your Event

Indoor events with over 500 people may require guests to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test. The same requirements apply to outdoor events with over 1,500 people.

If you are planning a smaller corporate event in Los Angeles, fewer restrictions apply. However, you should still consider the safety and comfort of your guests. Potential precautions include:

- Social distancing
- Sanitizing facilities
- High hygiene standards
- Contactless guest check-in

Choosing a venue that allows people to practice social distancing may help your guests feel more at ease. Work with the venue manager to review any additional COVID precautions to keep your event safe.

Get Your Audience Pumped with a Live Conference DJ

Now that we covered COVID precautions, you can move past the boring stuff and start planning a fun event. This is where hiring a corporate DJ comes in. An experienced female DJ can warm up your audience and keep them engaged.

Check out some of the benefits of hiring a DJ for a corporate event:

- Set the right atmosphere
- Appropriate music selection
- Make sure everyone has fun
- High-quality sound equipment
- Reduce the stress of event planning

Professional DJs know how to work a crowd. They can help set the atmosphere and keep your event transitioning from one item on the itinerary to the next. You can ensure that your event runs smoothly while keeping your audience entertained.

DJs also come with an appropriate selection of music. They know what to play to suit the mood of the event. Your audience may enjoy a wide range of musical genres. Yet, a DJ knows which songs have mass appeal. They can play the hits that everyone wants to get up and dance to.

Experienced DJs also use the right equipment. The microphone, mixing equipment, speakers, and other gear impact the quality of the sound. If people cannot hear the DJ or the music, you end up with an unprofessional atmosphere.

These benefits help reduce the stress of planning a corporate event. Professional DJs understand how to interact with a crowd and ensure they have fun. This should eliminate some of your concerns about holding a successful event.

If you want a talented female DJ in Los Angeles, contact Honey. We are the preferred choice for cool event DJs throughout the LA region.

Why choose us? We are a collective of professional DJs with years of experience DJing corporate events of all sizes. Whether you are planning an event for 50 or 5,000 people, we can make sure that everyone has a great time. Our DJs have worked with some of the biggest fortune 500 companies and know how to get a party started.

Start Planning the Music for Your Corporate Event

Music is an important part of most events. Music helps add structure to an event, especially when working with a DJ.

For example, you may choose to play music as guests arrive. A lively set of songs can get your audience energized as they file into the venue. You may also want background music played throughout certain stages of the event. An experienced DJ can accommodate your needs and help shape the event.

A professional DJ brings expertise and a killer playlist. You can choose from all styles and genres of music, from hip-hop to pop and oldies. No matter your tastes, a DJ can help choose music that fits the vibe you want to create for the event.

Start Booking for Your Event Early to Avoid Missing Out

As a final tip, do not wait too long to book venues, caterers, and party DJs in Los Angeles. Entering a post-COVID world means more people are ready to go outside and have fun. Expect a large increase in the number of corporate events in LA in 2022.

If you wait too long, you miss out on booking your top choices for DJs and other services. Contact the experts at Honey to connect with the most talented and professional female DJs in the industry.

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